Playing is discovering

End of 2017 our CEO Chris Van Doorslaer passed away. One of the last meetings we had was to validate the product range for 2018. “Sharing the Magic of playing together” was his personal mantra and that of Cartamundi. We will continue to live up to this mantra.

Our rich history dates back to 1765, but our products are trending more than ever before. That’s because people like to share the magic of playing together. Playing games teaches you strategy, politics, diplomacy and more. It shapes you as a person both socially and emotionally. You learn to deal with loss and bad luck as well as with conflict and frustration. But you also learn to be a proud but noble
Playing games connects people. Age, culture and economic status fade into the background when we gather around the table.

With craftsmanship and trustworthiness, our team brings exceptional games into the world for you to create
memories. You are a valuable part of this story, and even more so, you play a crucial role in sharing the magic of playing together.

For this, I sincerely thank you.

Jean-Jacques Maartense, VP Consumer Products

Retail Catalague 2018 Cartamundi Nordic

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