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Welcome to Cartamundi Nordic

Cartamundi is the world’s leading company for the production of games and cards. We are a rapidly growing company, and the production and sale of games has been our core operation since 1970. We continue to manufacture playing cards and board games, and even though we live in a time where online games and mobile applications are becoming increasingly more popular, we are observing an upsurge in interest for our products.

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Cartamundi Nordic: your expert in playing cards, card games and board games

Cartamundi Nordic is a subsidiary of a global company, Cartamundi, which is headquartered in Belgium. Cartamundi has 14 sales offices, including one in Sweden, and 12 factories around the world. The sales office in Sweden handles any material related to cards and games. We welcome the opportunity to be involved in the entire development process of your product, from the drawing table to finished product. We partner with top global brands, such as Disney, Star Wars and Hasbro.


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